About me

Hello, I’m Claire Paul designer/maker at After Lois.

I have always been creative. Growing up I was surrounded by crafts and making. My mother and grandmother were both accomplished at sewing and needlework. I have lovely memories of being taught to embroider by my grandmother and seeing her stitch beautiful rugs. The name After Lois is a tribute to her and my creative beginnings.

Over the years I’ve channelled my creativity in a number of ways, often having a project involving sewing and fabric underway. Completing a diploma in interior design at Leeds College of Art (now Leeds Arts University) improved my understanding of wider aspects of design and fired my passion for interiors.

A couple of years ago I decided to pursue my interest in photography and bought a manual camera for the first time. After using a ‘point and shoot’ for so long it was a revelation! I loved discovering its potential… with some help from the lovely Jen at Little Birdie I found my way. After lots of practice, I realised I could combine photography, design and sewing; After Lois was born!

I am inspired by the natural environment, my garden and my (ever growing) collection of houseplants. My designs all start with a photographic image, which I then use to create a new repeat design. I love the process of taking an image of something familiar and creating a new and sometimes unexpected pattern from it. Check out the gallery for examples of my work.

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